Okay, so this is the diagram I originally came up with to guide me on getting us to solar independence. So to follow the diagram we have 4 panels on the top of the bus wired to a breaker panel. From there it goes to the charge controller then down to the batteries. The batteries go to a bus bar which feeds the 12v fuse bock and the inverter. The inverter converts the 12v to 120 volt and feeds the AC load panel which is then wired to the house style outlets. Inverter is also wired to the 30A outlet for shore panel. When we receive shore power the inverter has an auto transfer switch which feeds the AC panel and charges the batteries. 

The panels are mounted to the rails which were installed earlier. I had to drill a hole in the roof of the bus and feed the wires through. I bought this RV solar roof wire thing which worked out nice. I made sure the whole thing was sealed with silicone to make it water tight. I then wired the panels to the rest of the system which is located in the garage area of the bus. The battery box is vented to the outside by using a couple of computer fans and pvc pipe. To really test the system out I waited till the batteries were nice and full then ran our 10,000 BTU window air conditioner. We ran it for about two hours and the batteries only depleted to 75%. I feel pretty good about the test run and believe we can run the AC for short spurts without draining our batteries too much. 

After the solar panels were installed and connected to the power center in the garage it was time to start wiring the bus. I ran Romex wire for the 120 outlets and placed outlets throughout the bus. I wired five outlets. One up front by the driver seat, two in the kitchen area and two in the master bedroom. I utilized the chair rail for the electrical conduit. The grey conduit is for the 12v wiring. I ran the Romex right under the conduit on the chair rail. The 12v wires were utilized for the LED lighting, USB ports in the bunks, fans, water pumps, water tank meter.  So far everything is running smooth and I am pretty happy with the solar. It's nice to be completely self sufficient with power and not having to deal with a generator anymore.